The people

Brewer Laura Bell, Bells Brewery

"When presented with the idea working with Spiegelau to develop a unique glass, we jumped at the chance. Putting our beer into different glasses, smelling, tasting from them, we learned a lot about what does and what doesn’t work for wheat beer. It was a really comprehensive and exciting process to be part of. We craft beers that we’re proud of and so we want to make sure that the consumer, the beer fan, the beer enthusiast gets to taste it the way we intend it to. This glass really provides a way for that.“
Laura Bell

”Glassware is a really essential part of the beer-drinking experience. When we drink beer we’re not just doing taste. We got aroma, we got flavor, and we got a visual component of it. All the senses are fully engaged. So the tasting process itself, as we started to look at different designs, I was really surprised at the ability of this bellshaped Spiegelau glass, to both capture and focus those flavors. There’s a reservoir of aroma, that’s just sitting in there, just waiting to be enjoyed.“
John Mallet, Director of Operations at Bell's Brewing