The people

Brewer Sam Callagione, Dogfish Head Craft Brewery

"We saw the opportunity to create a glass with a world class company, that was all about championing the unique liquid and the unique sort of DNA of IPAs and celebrate it.  In the first tasting I started frankly with scepticism; that we could start at that place and end with a glass that was perfectly designed for IPA.
“These ridges help to aerate the beer.  In the motion of the sip they’re creating more surface area and more friction for the liquid to move through.  They are breaking out more aromatics in that motion of bringing the beer up, as it hits each of these ridges.  By shaping this upper part tall and slender, it acts a sort of olfactory cannon that shoots the hop, concentrates it, and pushes it towards your nose.  It doesn’t just let it linger on the top of the beer in the glass.
“I went from scepticism to evangelism and I was ready to spread the word.“

Sam Callagione