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Craft Beer Glasses

Tasting approved

The Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses have been approved by an expert tasting panel of master brewers and industry professionals. Focusing on beer enjoyment, members of the tasting workshop tested multiple glass shapes to find the best glass for India Pale Ale, American Wheat Beer and Stout. In the experts’ opinion, the custom-shaped glasses successfully deliver the complexity of aromas on the nose while demonstrating the optimum beer texture, balance and flavor intensity on the palate. Staying faithful to the spirit of Bavarian artisan craftsmanship, we have created these unique, functional glasses to bring out the best in complex craft beers. Like our expert tasting panel, we believe that craft beers deserve crafted glasses.
For their functional and innovative product design the Spiegelau Craft Beer Glasses have been awarded the renowned Red Dot Award in 2015 (for more information about this award go here).

IPA – Introduced in 2013

The Spiegelau IPA glass has a new and unique design, created to support the complex and volatile aromas in IPA style beers.

The glass has been developed in collaboration with two of the leading IPA brewers in the United States, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Ken Grossman of Sierra Nevada. Achieved through a series of design and tasting workshops in which hundreds of possible designs were considered, the brewers ultimately and unanimously chose, by secret vote, one glass – “number 6“ – from a final lineup of eight custom-made prototypes.

Designed to showcase the complex and alluring aromatic profiles of American “hop-forward” IPA beers, preserve a frothy head, enhance taste and mouth feel, and present a comfortably wide opening for the drinker to savor each beer, Spiegelau’s latest design is the go-to vessel for enjoying IPA.

Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada champion U.S. hop farming. The breweries are donating their portion of the proceeds from this collaboration to benefit advances in hop research.

Stout – Introduced in 2014

Following in the footsteps of their hugely successful IPA glass project, Spiegelau has partnered with two of the leading Stout brewers in the United States, Left Hand Brewing Company from Colorado and Rogue Ales from Oregon to create the ultimate tool for enjoying Stout beer.

After months of design and tasting workshops, during which hundreds of glass shapes were considered, the brewers ultimately and unanimously chose as their favorite, ‘Prototype C’, from a final lineup of eight custom-made Spiegelau shapes.

Expertly crafted, tested and approved, the Spiegelau Stout glass accentuates the roasted malt, rich coffee and chocolate notes that define the Stout beer style, while maintaining the functional design characteristics for which Spiegelau beer glassware has become known.

American Wheat Beer/Witbier – Introduced in 2015

In collaboration with the award winning Michigan-based Bell’s Brewery, Spiegelau has developed a specific drinking vessel for one the world’s most popular beer varieties – WHEAT. Ever focused on perfecting beer-specific glassware, Spiegelau’s latest innovation is poised to become the new standard for enjoying premium wheat beers. As with previous tasting-workshops, Spiegelau has challenged conventional thinking and presumption of what a wheat beer glass should look like. The new glass ultimately offers the best wheat beer drinking experience, enhancing the style’s delicate floral and fruit-scented aromatic profile.  It delivers the optimal taste, aroma and mouth feel to enhance American and Belgian wheat beers.

Barrel Aged Beer – Introduced in 2016

Barrel Aged Beer represents the height of a brew masters talent and passion. The impartation of long-term wood aging on fine beer makes for the most complex expression possible with regards to the aroma, taste, mouth feel and finish of these special beers. Barrel Aged Beers are truly a connoisseur’s choice.

The Spiegelau Barrel Aged Glass is the result of two years of development in partnership with the brew masters of four of the world’s great producers of Barrel Aged Beer: Great Divide Brewing Company of Denver, Colorado; Green Flash Brewing Company of San Diego, California; Uinta Brewing Company of Salt Lake City, Utah and Cigar City Brewing of Tampa Bay, Florida.
We hope that you enjoy using this glass!

Craft Pils – Introduced in 2017

Working with the renowned Austrian brewery Trumer Privatbrauerei a special glass has now been developed that perfects the pilsner beer experience.In countless design and tasting workshops, the glass experts at Spiegelau joined forces with pilsner experts from Trumer as well as a group of beer sommelier graduates to finalize the crystal glass, which is customized to accentuate the aromatic structure of pilsner beers. The shape of the glass is designed to help release the delicate hops aromas. It provides the ideal balance between bitter and residual sweetness to deliver pure refreshment and inspire you to enjoy sip after sip.Trumer Privatbrauerei is headquartered in Obertrum near Salzburg and is considered a specialist in pilsner-style beers.

Tasting Kit

This unique Spiegelau tasting kit contains three specific beer glass shapes for IPA, Stout and American Wheat Beer/Witbier. Try and taste the different aromas in craft beers!

Facts, facts, facts ...



Crisp, clean delivery in every sip


Wide mouth allows drinker to „nose“ the beer comfortably for hightened aroma and delivers beer evenly across palate to enhance mouthfeel and harmony of sweetness and acidity


Slender, bowed shape amplifies hops aroma


Maintains proper beer temperature longer


Wave-like ridges aerate beer into and out of the glass to balance flavors as you drink

Beer Classics

Spiegelau's Beer Classics Glasses Enhance Beer Drinking Pleasure

Spiegelau has developed four different beer glass types that support the characteristics of specific beer styles.  These glasses are especially thin blown with a thin rim that lifts the perception of mouth feel and taste and regulates temperature. These modernised glasses allow the beer to release its full spectrum of flavours, and deliver them to nose and mouth.


The Beer Tulip not only enhances the hop flavor in Pilsner style beers but also supports the malty character of bolder beers like strong Stouts. The open mouth allows for an intense release of flavors.

Ideal for:
Belgian Style Ales
Pilsner Belge

Hefeweizen Glass

The design of this tall glass accentuates the aromas and flavors naturally found in wheat beers. It is large in size, designed to hold volume and a fluffy head.

Ideal for:
Bavarian Wheat Beer


Shape and volume of the Lager glass resemble those of a traditional pint glass. Being slightly wider at the mouth than at the foot, this glass balances the ‘hoppy nose’.

Ideal for:
Pale Lagers
English Strong Ale


The slim shape of this glass pronounces hops aroma and bitterness with refreshing finish.

Ideal for:
Bohemian style Pilsner
German style Pilsner

Tasting Kit

This tasting kit contains three Beer Classics (Tulip, Hefeweizen glass and Lager) with the Craft Beer IPA glass.  It is a perfect gift or can be simply enjoyed on a night in with friends!

Facts, facts, facts ...


Every style of beer has its own balance of characteristics. Besides knowledge on the ingredients and procedures used in the brewing process, the characteristics of appearance, aroma and taste are basic to understanding a beer.


A thin and clear glass held against a white background will show some of the most prominent virtues of a beer at a glance: Expect to see the distinctive colour generated from different malts, see the carbonation – those little bubbles created during fermentation – and finally make sure if the beer shows a little haze (as desired for example in a Hefeweizen) or looks clear filtered.


The beer tasting wheel helps to identify specific elements in a beer‘s aroma and taste profile.
The volatile aromas tend to be soon on their way out of the glass and the beer. A well designed glass with the appropriate shape and a thin wall and rim helps to underline the characteristics of a given style and offers an optimized tasting experience!


The delicate aroma of a great beer is determined by the specific aromas of malted – and sometimes roasted – grains as well as the abundance of noble hop aromas. These can reach from floral and herbal to fruity and are typically accompanied by aromas derived from byproducts of fermentation. If not presented in the right type of glass most of these virtues of a beer are lost.


A well designed glass will underline the characteristic balance of malty sweetness and hop bitterness that are found on different levels in different beers. The malt will contribute a great deal to the mouthfeel although the right amount of bitterness can enhance the full bodied character. If the beer is sampled from a glass that matches its character it will show how refreshing, fruity or herbal, full bodied or dry it really is.


Many mass-produced beer glasses do not only lack elegance, they also ruin the tasting experience: Beers served in these glasses do not fully release their delicate aromas and often taste bland and uninteresting.

A poorly designed glass can also destroy the spritzy refreshing character of a beer and let the head collapse too soon. It is partly due to the wrong choice of beer glasses that many beers are perceived as tasting pretty
much the same.


Spiegelau is using its 500 years of experience in producing fine crystal glass to improve the enjoyment of beer drinking.

Spiegelau has developed different beer glass shapes to enjoy the unique characteristics of specific beer styles.

The beer specific glass shape supports the beer in releasing its full spectrum of flavours and delivers them to the nose.

Exquisit raw materials deliver a perfectly smooth and brilliant clear surface.

Thin blown glasses keeps the beer cool and fresh.